... to our Tutorial in Demo and Cracktro Coding for PS1 with PSY-Q SDK. From time2time we will post some useful Tutorials for some Functions, Effects, Music, PS1 Video, 3D Objects, Sprite usage and many more.
Most of the code was written in the past days (1998 - 2002) when we/ i was an active Member in PARADOX, LIGHTFORCE, MUPS and UNDERCOVER-AGENTS.

In these Days the Groups released fresh new PS1 Games as a complete "PSX Game ISO" and distributed em through the Internet on Scene Boards/FTP's like ISOHUNT ect. To mentioned where the ISO came from, Groups always made some Cracktros, Trainers and Pal to NTSC or NTSC to PAL Selectors. Sometimes we removed also Copy protection known as: LC1 and LC2 nested in V-Rally 2 or Soulreaver Legacy of Kain.

Why only 1 exe file? it was important and inevitable to pack the original "Game-exe" to get free space for own Code of Cracktros/ Selectors or Trainers.
The new modified "PS1 Game EXE", taken from the original Game-BIN, MUST always have exactly! the same size after including a "Cracktro Code" into the "Original PS1 Game-EXE". Than the modified "PS1 Game EXE", injected back into the "GAME-BIN", all in all must have the same file and sector size to work properly. Otherwise the Game failed to boot up from Disc in the PS1 Console.
Injecting a Cracktro into a Game was/ is only possible, if we included own Code into the "Original PS1 Game Exe"! No other solution will work

When i packed a "PS1 Game EXE" of eg. 400 KB, i had with luck, a result of 150 KB. OLé yeah --> now i had 250 KB free Space for own "Code, the Cracktro" to include in front of the "Original PS1 GAME".

To get PAL and NTSC values for a pal/ntsc patcher next to our demo/ intro first run:

what is GAME.RNC? ...just simply the SLES or SLUS PS1 Exe file, taken from our original mounted Game - BIN.
- copy SLES_25.30 or how ever it's named into the same folder next to dolct.bat, lct.exe
- rename SLES_25.30 to game.rnc
At this point, we have renamed the original SLES/ SLUS to game.rnc but NOT PACKED/ CRUNCHED YET!
- start the BATCH
the output give us all information for pal and ntsc needs.

Batch command:

the written PatchData.txt has been created:

"TO CLARIFY THE PACKER THAT I USE/ USED: is NOT UPX or other related windows based exe packer. We programmed our own tool to do this job.


don't forget as i mentioned, rnc.exe (packing the original SLUS or SLES) is the last step before we start to code our demo/ intro.

Now copy game.rnc into the same folder next to RNC.EXE and RNC.BAT
The Batch File contain the following command line:

the 3rd file that we need is called: DEPACK.SRC
in this file we must add the: Decrunch to ADDRESS . You can find this value in the PatchData.txt

a snipped from depack.src:







as you can see, copy the decrunch to: value from patchdata.txt into the depack.src file AFTER"$"

paste NOT: 0x8000f800
paste only: 8000f800

thats it. save and close depack.src